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Ambulatories Around Hotel El-Ruha

Cave where Hz. Ibrahim was born

Cave, that is believed that Hz. Ibrahim was born and live until he was seven, is visited as ÔÇť Hz. Ibrahim Halilullah Dervish LodgeÔÇŁ It is located in the south of the city and west of the Urfa Castle. Hz. Ibrahim, struggling with idols adored by Nemrut and his people┬á was thrown into fire from top of the castle by Nemrut. When fire was ordered as ÔÇťEy fire, e cool and safe against IbrahimÔÇŁ (Enbiya Sura, verse: 69) by Allah, fire was turned into water and woods into fishes.

Urfa Castle

It is located in the south of the city and top of the hill where Prophet Ibrahim was thrown into fire. It is surrounded on three sides by ditches carved from stones. On the castle, 17.25 meter-long columns, named as catapult, are monuments built A.D. 240-242. Ramparts of the castle was built in A.D. 814 in Abbasids time.

Halil-├╝r Rahman Mosque

It is located in the south-west corner of Halil-├╝r Rahman Lake (Fish-Lake). It was built in 1211, Eyyubis time. It is the place in combination of Madrasah, cemetery and the place that Hz.Ibrahim fell when he was thrown into the fire.

Halil-├╝r Rahman Lake (Fish-Lake)

It is located in front of the Urfa Castle. According to the legends, it was formed when Hz.Ibrahim was thrown into the fire. The fishes found in the lake, formed by fire turned into water, are accepted as blessed.

Rızvaniye  Mosque

The mosque, that is located along the north site of Halil-├╝r Rahman Lake, was built in 1716 by Ottoman Rakka Governor R─▒zvan Ahmet Pasha. The yard of the mosque is surrounded by madrasah rooms.

Aynzeliha Lake

It is located in front of the Urfa Castle. According to legends, Zeliha, daughter of Nemrut, threw herself into fire because she believed in Hz. Ibrahim and Aynzeliha Lake was formed where she fell.

Mosaics of Halep Garden 

ÔÇťMosaics of Amazon QueensÔÇŁ in Halep Garden, located right across the hotel, is belonged to A.D. 5 century are the best examples of this period.
The mosaics portray hunting party of some Amazon Queens, Hippolyte, Antiope, Melanipe, Penthesileia and are found as the best mosaics around the world by archeologists.

┼×anl─▒urfa Traditional Handicrafts Museum

┼×anl─▒urfa Traditional Handicrafts Museum is located next to the hotel. There is a sale unit for handicrafts in the museum.


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